Find the Best Active Independent Living in California – What to Look For

California is a beautiful state with nearly every type of terrain you could want—beaches, mountains, and forests. For this reason, it has always been a popular tourist and relocation destination. Given its moderate temperatures, many people seek to reside in California, and while life obligations related to work and family may not make that feasible for many adults, it is certainly a viable option for retirees, who want something different than the old standbys of Texas and Florida.

As you consider your retirement options in California, you might think of moving into an active independent living community. This can allow aging adults to retain their freedom while having fewer responsibilities. If this is something you’re looking into, you may want to consider the following factors:

Residence Amenities

If the layout and styling of your home is important to you, then look for a modern community. Today’s active independent living options are more varied than ever before, which allows residents many options for how they will live. Most modern independent living options will seem like a blend between an apartment complex and a miniature resort in both the private residences and around the community.

For example, Quail Park at Shannon Ranch offers a variety of apartments, each with a kitchenette and private bathroom. You will have plenty of choices, but will also be well taken care of with services such as daily housekeeping.

Community Amenities

Outside of your personal residence, you will probably want to look for the amenities that would most appeal for you. Your modern independent living options are quite different from retirement facilities of the past. Much like a resort or even a cruise ship, you will find multiple food venues, pools, gyms, theaters, game rooms, and even wellness spas. Generally, transportation to local attractions is also available.

Quail Park at Shannon Ranch offers all the amenities you might want. There are three primary food venues—the grand dining room, a sports pub, and an espresso café. A pool and exercise center, along with access to local trails, all provide great ways to stay active. You can treat yourself at the wellness spa, enjoy a movie at the theater, and spend time with friends in the game room. Connect with nature at the outdoor putting green, while enjoying great views of nearby Sequoia National Park.

Staff are also readily available to provide assistance suited to each resident’s unique needs. This can include medication management and professional health care services. Staff also plan daily activities to help residents stay active and connect with one another. Industrious residents who have an interest in doing so, can also plan activities and events. You can have fun with games, crafts, and exercise classes.

Next Steps

Quail Park at Shannon Ranch provides a modern independent living community for seniors. There are plenty of residence and community amenities designed to increase your comfort and quality of life. Residents who may need more specialized care for dementia can also age-in-place by transitioning from independent living services to memory care services. If you want to retire in California, and have an interest in residing at Quail Park, consider scheduling a visit and taking a tour to learn more.