Medical and care settings vary in their values and approaches. In the past, in many medical settings, doctors and nurses were treated as the authority and would direct decision-making, perhaps even dictating care plans for patients. Many places are increasingly seeing the value of person centered care.

In person centered care, which we also refer to as resident directed care, the people using health and medical services are seen as equal partners in the process to their providers. In line with this view, there is more discussion and equal decision-making in the planning of medical care. People and their families are trusted as experts of their own lives, values, and essential needs. In this approach, people and their families are placed at the center of decision-making, which leads to more empowerment and control. Learn more about the values and benefits of person centered care:

A Paradigm Shift

During the development and history of the medical field, it became steeped in tradition. Certain routines and practices were developed that seemed to best promote outcomes. As managed care increased, doctors and nurses also had to become more efficient in their approaches to care. This all contributed to the model of medical provider as the authority, while the patient needed to follow suit. Person centered care is a paradigm shift in the field to create even better patient outcomes. Medical providers think more about not just the services provided, but also the way they provide those services.

Informed Choices

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition that best outcomes depend not only on services, but also on maintaining patients’ rights and dignity. Person centered care does this by giving people more choice. At first glance, person centered care could seem like just giving someone exactly what they want. However, this approach goes beyond that. It is truly about helping the person to make an informed choice with consideration for their own values, circumstances, needs, and wants. This allows the person to maintain their dignity, to feel empowered, and to be in control of their own outcomes.

Compassionate Care

In person centered care, the individual and their relationships with medical providers are given more attention. Doctors and nurses show not only respect by treating people as equals and taking into account their personal preferences and needs, but also by giving them compassionate care. This means working together with warm and caring communication, ensuring that the person has the necessary information and understands that information, making sure they feel comfortable with the decisions, and providing necessary emotional support as those decisions are made and carried out.

Maintain Independence

The values around person centered care can help anyone seeking Assisted Living or Memory Care to maintain their independence as long as possible. This is because, in a person-centered environment, you will be given the freedom and flexibility to exercise your own decision-making. This is ideal for seniors moving into Assisted Living communities, who may already feel they are giving up some of their independence. No one, at any age, wants to be dictated to about what they must do. Person centered care maintains that ability as long as the person is capable and willing to make their own decisions.

More About Person Centered Care at Quail Park

If you select Quail Park at Shannon Ranch for your retirement, you will enjoy not only amenities that allow for an active senior lifestyle, but also a team that values person centered care. Quail Park refers to this as resident directed care because residents drive the services provided and the services each person chooses to receive. This resident directed care is at the forefront of how Quail Park operates. Each resident has many options and makes personalized choices for their own medical care, amenity features, activities, and even daily dining. Resident care is approached with respect and compassion.

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